Charpstar Team: Goodbye Mathilde !

After 3 months at Charpstar as a Digital Growth Intern, it is time to return to France. This internship was an opportunity for me to learn a lot, both professionally and personally. For the anecdote, when I applied for the internship, I wanted to go to the Nordics, to a startup to do marketing and preferably in the field of new technologies. The very first application was sent to Charpstar and here I am in Sweden in Stockholm.

When I arrived in Stockholm, I had never had any experience in this or similar positions. I arrived at the top of my 20 years old, with my level of English worthy of a French woman, and had never really had any contact with new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, everything was “new”. Despite this, Emil and Arjun gave me my chance and their confidence during this period, and for that I thank them.

My main task was to improve Charpstar’s online visibility. It was then necessary to find the means, the ideas. Creating a blog and managing social networks has become central. Finding the topics to animate the blog, without knowledge of the domain was a little complex. But somewhere along the way, it also raises questions that potential customers may have. All these reflections have led to the articles you have been able to read over the past three months.

Technical articles can be “boring” to read in the long run, so we have tried to offer you different formats and take you into our daily lives, our “adventures” with Charpstar’s Stories since we consider our company as a playground whether at meetings or trade fairs.

This experience was an opportunity to learn a lot about augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, both in terms of technology and the various uses that can be made of it. And I am personally convinced of the potential for development and the usefulness they will have in the years to come. This formative experience and the Charpstar team’s passion for new technologies convinced me of my way

The meetings I was able to have during these three months were also very enriching, whether with the Charpstar team, clients/leads or the environment in a broader sense during meetings or fairs. The good-natured atmosphere at Charpstar makes everyday life fun and empowering.

If we trace a timeline of these three months, beyond the writing of posts and management of the blog and social networks, there were the customer meetings, the assessment with SoffaDirekt, the Retail Experience and the Webinar in collaboration with Keywordio and Google which were very exciting experiences.

A big thank you to the Charpstar team for trusting me during these three months, accompanied and integrated into the daily lives. It was a memorable adventure.

You can find all the posts written during this internship on the blog, from technical topics to company life.