Our core values

Charpstar is a VR/AR consulting company that was founded in 2016. Since then we have had some strong core values that we emphasize every day. For us it is important to share these values with others such as our clients or partners.

Strong Relations
We believe that ideas thrive in good relations, therefore we see that we want to foster strong and long lasting relations. We also believe that the best relations are those who starts with a purpose. Our goal is to challenge ourselves and include you in our mission towards strengthening our relation.
Organic Growth
This is an output of having great relations with our surroundings. We will grow together with our customers and the market demands.
In order to make your dreams a reality it starts with a vision. The vision is something that will unify our strong relations with our organic growth. Our vision is to become the best possible partner for you and your organisation. A good metric for success is striving to achieve the vision at all times.
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Head of Design
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