Augmented Reality: A Trending Tool for Better Education

Through the years, technology has always managed to make significant development in major sectors such as Health, Industry and Education. The most rewarding aspect of Technology especially features like
Augmented Reality is the ability to REVOLUTIONIZE and CHANGE the way people do things forever!

Today we are addressing technology advancement in education, which is mainly transforming the traditional educational process into a whole new Technological process; A new medium “Augmented Reality” offers  us  unique  affordances,  combining  physical  and  virtual  worlds. 

Here Are 5 Uses for AR Technology in Education

  1. Provides enhanced teaching style for complex material

AR enable students to visualize and interact with 3D models, which will facilitate the understanding of abstract and complex topics.

  • Highly engaging tool

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklen

We all recognize the importance of engaging students in the learning process and enhancing their skills through experimenting and doing.

  • Long term memory retention

AR is adding to student’s memory retention capacities through increasing their rehearsal of information and continuously exercising their minds.

  • Improved collaboration

AR increases the interaction with the surrounding environment as well as the collaboration with objects and humans.

  • Avoid attention tunneling

Attention tunneling is a concept which indicates a condition occurs when one is focused on one specific input while becoming oblivious to all other incoming information. Which effects one’s ability to analyze and asses situation considering all options and possible scenarios.

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