Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: An Exceptional Customer Experience

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce is a new trending strategy adopted by many retail companies in Sweden, which enables retailers to bring their products to life and entirely revolutionize the customer experience! People will no longer scroll through static images and worry about visualizing the products in their own environments.

Wondering how is it all done? Well, through AR features, you will be able to use interactive 3D models (with the actual size and dimension) anywhere and anytime. So, for all the Tech Savvies and online shoppers, this is a game changer! Adding convenience and infinite value to the current online shopping experience.

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: An Exceptional Customer Experience
Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: An Exceptional Customer Experience

Digitalization and transformation of customer’s experience

The next generation’s business world will demand all companies – especially the ones adopting Online Merchandizing strategy- to shift their focus to optimizing internal capabilities in serving a customer centric strategy.

In other words, companies will evaluate their current operations, marketing approaches and customer’s buying journey. Eventually, adopting a new operating model that dramatically improves the digital customer experience. The reason behind this, is the need for delivering digital services and operations in today’s business world, which had become a blueprint for reshaping customer experience in almost every sector.

So, what happens if you don’t adopt this digitalization mindset at the right timing? Well, competition will be very tough, and customers can easily switch to other brands. The price for not having the latest technologies will be very high to overcome.

AR For Better Customer Experience                                

Many researches depicting technology and digitalization for a better customer experience had proved that the next generation online retail will shift its focus on engagement, convivence and technology advancement. That’s why many forward thinkers in Stockholm had already started using AR to promote their products in almost every sector.

What is currently happening is that service providers are continuously trying to elevate their product pages layouts, insert more high-resolution pictures and write rich informative description of each item.

However, Charpstar AB offers you a chance to take a step further and make use of the currently available technology and create massive positive change to your revenues and operations.

Instead of just posting pictures of products in many sectors such as fashion, furniture, footwear and even exotic industries like plantation, you will be able to insert interactive 3D models for each item which is instantly “Augmented” in one’s home or office. Imagine enabling your customers to try a new sofa and visualize the exact dimensions of it, I mean how excited a customer will be knowing that their new Sofa will finally fit into their door! How about trying out a pair of specs, shoes or instantly visualizing unlimited number of Christmas trees in one’s own living room.

The Possibilities are Endless and The Results Are Even More Rewarding

Imagine the number of the Customer’s purchase decisions that you can inspire through simply making it easier and more accessible to try the items before buying. Eliminating all the negative frictions in visualizing the right size or texture and get lower return rates. Additionally, creating bigger impact on how memorable and fun it is to purchase something through your company’s website.

Researches over the years, had showed that Satisfied customers will raise the conversion rate and act as brand’s ambassador through word of mouth.

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