Brazil (SP) – Sweden (STHLM) – Epicenter (Charpstar)

In today’s article you will see a report of how my transition from Brazil to Sweden went, and how I was received at Charpstar.

Sweden / Brazil

In general Sweden is extremely different from Brazil not only for cultural factors but a different environment too, and more than that, Sweden is a First World country, and it is noticeable if you analyze how Swedish people organize themselves in society (respecting the traffic signs, reducing the amount of pollution in the air and taking care of the environment), and many other factors that make Sweden a First World country. But Sweden also has its drawbacks compared to Brazil, including the warmth and happiness that comes with contact with Brazilians and the fact that in Brazil there is a rich and diversified culture where you can find plenty of different cultural variations, including the most diverse foods.

The transition

I grew up in Brazil, studied and lived in Sao Paulo, in the same neighborhood my whole life, and this was a factor that made my transition to Sweden difficult.

I was always very connected to sports, and this factor helped me, considering today most of my friends in Sweden came from sports, that’s why I can guarantee that sports are a source of interaction and social inclusion.

It’s always good to see different ways of thinking. Changing Country, could be bad for your feelings at a first moment, as we miss the family, friends and the culture we are used to, but I have to assume that I’m learning more than ever in all senses, developing new skills and knowing things I’ve never thought as well.

I would like to encourage everyone who has the opportunity to live abroad, because you will not just learn things to use in a specific moment but you will learn things for your whole life. The adaptation process and all the knowledge acquired can be the turning point to change your life for the better.


Charpstar’s headquarter is located in the heart of the Swedish capital, in an accessible building near the central station.

Since I was a child, I was always fascinated by technology and how things work, but I never had as much contact as I can have now in Charpstar. I see a lot of potential on Charpstar, it’s a growing business in a huge market. And more than that, I see myself learning plenty of different tasks in a company. I hope to learn a lot, help people understand different technological and sales topics, spread the idea of Augmented Reality and its strength in today’s market. My main goal here is to be able to adapt my work in order to meet our customer’s needs.

About the video

For now, I prepared a video clip showing my transition from Sao Paulo to Sweden until I arrive in Charpstar, to help you visualize how it is like to move from one country to another and also feel Charpstar’s environment at Epicenter Building.