Charpstar: A closer Look into Today’s Market Leaders in Augmented Reality.

Have you read our previous blog posts? If Yes, then you probably have a clearer idea about Augmented Reality Technology and the huge opportunities for this industry in the Swedish Market; knowing that it will revolutionize online shopping for the next decades.

Wondering how this technology will help you reach your goals and obtain profits? What are the potential benefits from collaborating with us? Or even having questions like why choose Charpstar? Well, this article will take you through the great opportunities and quality services of Charpstar AB highlighting our strengths in entering, surviving and steadily dominating such markets.

An actual footage of Charpstar AR feature in action.

How can Augmented Reality help you reach your goals and increase profit?

AR is a very innovative and highly interactive technology, which allows retailers to promote their products through showcasing the product into the customer’s own environment. In other words, customers who shop online will browse through the company’s website, click into a certain product and engage with a 3D model through their webcams in their own office/home environments. They will be able to resize it, rotate it, zoom in and explore the texture and details and most importantly try it out and see whether it looks good in their surroundings.

Charpstar AB: great opportunities and quality services

Charpstar is a Tech. company which offers high quality services focusing on Augmented Reality as our core service, we offer 3D models for company’s products and AR features which enable direct interactions with the products through mobile and PCs. One of our competitive advantages is that we implement the AR feature directly into the client company’s website, which makes no need for people to download an app only to enjoy the interaction with the modeled products.

We highly value the relationships with our clients and currently we are working with several reputable companies in Stockholm in the fields of Furniture, specs and plantation. We recognize the huge opportunity for this market, as we are currently expanding our client’s network to offer more services and engage more product in the Augmented Reality world.

As mentioned, we collaborate with clients to collectively develop our mindsets towards an optimum digital Ecommerce experience, which brings high profits, high conversion rates and lower bounce rates driving your website and page layout to its full potential.

Here is a closer look about what makes us special.

  1. ATTITUDE: Our attitude toward growth and consistently enhancing our service’s quality is often undeniable. Additionally, we are mostly keen about creating along term partnership with our clients and scaling their business through collaboration and mutual trust.
  • WE DELIVER: One of the most important aspects in our service is that we are committed to deliver products on time and with high quality. We mainly do that through keeping a healthy and efficient communication channel with our clients.
  • OUR EXPERIENCE: Well, we have been here for a while!
  • GREAT TEAM: Charpstar most valuable asset is the great team! Which consists of highly skilled, uniquly talented individuals with high integrity, working together to achieve the best possible service. We communicate well and consistently aspire to create a highly productive environment.
  • WE CARE: Another competitive advantage in Charpstar, that we are a bunch of tech savvies and young individual who is extremely passionate about technology advancement and helping companies achieving their target through a technology-oriented business model. We believe that the future business world is being adjusted to these concepts and it is crucial to join this trend NOW!
  • COMPETING: We think ahead of the game, which allows us to go further and steadily expand our clients network, as we currently work with reputable companies such as: Hemtex, Soffadirekt and more.

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