Charpstar History

Charpstar was founded by Emil Charpentier and Arjun Sudhakaran in 2016. Although the two have completely different skill sets, they share a mutual interest in computer gaming, specifically World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG(Massive multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where they initially met. Having played numerous arena games(A form of team based Player vs Player event in World of Warcraft) over the course of several months, they ended up discovering a shared interest in Virtual and Augmented Reality and ideas that could futurize the world. This lead to the partnership and creation of the company that is currently known as Charpstar.

Over the course of the next several months from its inception, Charpstar was a simple two person team with Emil handling all business relationships and Arjun handling most development. The plan was to offer prospective clients with free prototypes of VR and AR demos of their products, which would then hopefully convert them to a client with a real VR or AR project. The free prototype strategy started  working thus securing them well established Swedish clients like Vedum Kök & Bad Nordic Choice, AstraZeneca within their first year.

Now almost 2 and a half year later Charpstar consist of several other colleagues spread out over Europe and the quest continues towards making AR/VR and AI more integrated into our daily business life.

Arjun Sudhakaran – Lead Developer & Emil Charpentier – CEO/Founder