Charpstar presentation

Our aim is to make our clients able to develop new business strategies thanks to virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning. Helping customers to project themselves, towards doing better and more efficient business.

To reach this goal we accompany our clients from ideation to  creation of innovation.We believe Mixed reality is a real “empathy machine”, it will leave a memory behind in the spectators mind and give a different approach to how we face technology.

At Charpstar we believe in the strength of improving customer experience with new realities. We want to find the best option for our clients expectations in order to match the outcome. That’s the reason why fostering deep relations with our partners are essential and needed for the success of  our projects.

A usual roadmap for our typical client would be :

  • Outlining a roadmap and defining what problem we can solve in before starting development.
  • Concept development to ensure that we are all on the same page of what is going to be done.
  • Development with continuous tollgates to minimize the risk of error along the way with frequent and close dialogues with project partners.
  • Hand of and follow up is key for success in our mind.

With experience comes changes and we have cultivated a culture where we know  what kind of clients we like and who we do not, and the typical traits we look for in a partner is:

  • Is looking to transform their business
  • Is thinking outside of the box
  • Is saying “YES” more than “NO”
  • Is not afraid of change
  • Is positive about the future
  • Is not afraid of failure

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