Filling Your World with Giant Hearts: AR a Powerful Branding Tool!

Valentine’s Day Sales Push Via Augmented Reality Initiative

One of the biggest challenges for marketers in almost any industry is to stay up to date with the latest trends and constantly relate to the customer needs and interests. In order to ensure effective communication, marketing campaigns often revolves around what is currently happening in the world, what is the trends people talk about and all special holidays and occasions around the corner!

But, why do Marketers create these campaigns which revolves around trending topics?

Customers mostly relate to these campaign themes and generate some “Emotional Buying” triggered by great marketing campaigns. As we approach Valentine’s Day this weekend, which represents a huge promotional topic for many retail industries, what can be a powerful trigger more than engaging these products in your own environment. That’s when AR comes to the rescue!

This article will take you through one of the early successful adopters of Valentine’s Day campaigns using AR to create unique customers experience and lots of giant hearts!

Choosing AR to stand out

Valentine’s day is one of the biggest days of the year for those teams responsible for planning marketing campaigns for their brands, allowing marketers to connect two or more people together in a way that drives engagement by making use of social media and community channels.

But what happens when the market is saturated with millions of videos, blog posts, photos, awkward social media competitions and info-graphics? There’s only so much brands can do these days, considering everything you’ve thought of has probably been said and done.

A Success Story

We all remember when Starbucks Coffee Co. has gotten into the Valentine’s Day spirit via a creative campaign “Cup Magic app”, which encourages coffee lovers to download the company’s Augmented Reality app and engage with its new limited-edition hot cups.

Users can download the Starbucks Cup Magic app and scan the Valentine targets which are see on the limited-edition hot cups. Then, consumers can watch as their Valentines magically come to life through augmented reality on their mobile device.

In addition to bring the hot coffee cups to life via augmented reality, users can also use the app to send their friends and family virtual Valentines and Starbucks Card E-gifts. Consumers can scan the Valentine’s Day cups, which feature hearts and arrows, by holding their device approximately 12 inches away from the item they are scanning. There, users can peel back the heart featured on the cup and release some love.

The Starbucks “Cup Magic app”, had gained huge popularity over the past years and reportedly managed to hit sales targets.

Take Away: The market is consistently changing and new ways for marketing products through customer engagement is highly needed.

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