Guess what will happen in the AR industry the next five years!

Well, Technology advancement is a sure thing! the world is continuously changing, as new technologies are being introduced every day, new devices are concurring our households and bug fixes and improvements are constantly made to our systems.

The business world is mostly affected by this rapid change, as new technologies are helping businesses improve their services and revenues. However, becoming a main player in a technologically volatile market and competing to stand out can be a very exhausting task for any company. That’s why you need to be ahead of the game!

This article will address one of the most trending technologies, which is Augmented Reality. As we will be travelling to five years ahead of time through the minds of AR experts and how they think AR can change our lives.

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You’ll use your phone in an entirely new way:

Shanna Tellerman, founder and CEO of 3D interior design startup Modsy, believes that with the mobilization of AR through ARKit and ARCore, there will be a massive impact on the way we interact with our phones and the world. It is the first time nearly every consumer’s phone will have the ability to sense the planes in a room and therefore accurately place and scale digital items — like furniture and decor. “I anticipate that there will be very few products that do not in some way take advantage of this feature, overlaying valuable data and visuals positioned through the camera as if they were in the real world.

Engaging and Effective Social Media Campaigns

Will Li, AR expert and the CEO of Apollo Box, says that marketers use AR to engage consumers. “With AR, we can use interactive marketing campaigns to bond users to products. Apollo Box hosts photo contests where people take selfies with AR characters and products. During these campaigns, we’ve found an increase from 6 minutes to 16 minutes in the average app time session. While people play and take photos with our 3D product models or cartoon characters, they form an emotional attachment to our products and brand,” says Li.

“Sequencing Experiences” — Projection of A Deeper Reality

According to Ilya Zaidze, Co-Founder & Creative Director of LA Based Technology Collective AR will influence the way you think & feel about the world by allowing the internet to jump from the screen to the world in front of you. Most people today carry AR devices in their pockets giving users the ability to transform the real world around them with computer-generated data over it, creating unbelievably realistic scenarios. AR has the capacity to tune you in and bring people together through new experiences, amplifying human connection with technology. People’s perceptions are inspiring themselves to think differently. There is virtually no aspect of life that AR will not impact. In a very short time span, this technology has grown rapidly. When new tools like AR emerge, they encompass all kinds of capabilities. To me, it’s all about the user experience (UX); there are many layers that must be considered to create AR piece.

Pre-visualization of Purchases

Howard Tiersky, CEO of Digital Transformation Agency FROM highlighted that Pottery Barn and other furniture retailers have created tools that allow you to envision your empty room filled with virtual furniture from their catalog, so you can determine which pieces fit work together work in your home. Similarly, allows you to try on different frames on your own “virtual face.” From previewing potential cosmetic surgery to taking a walk through a not-yet-built private jet or yacht, the power of visualization is almost limitless and will enable consumers to make better and more confident decisions.

Take away points: as you can see some of these Augmented Reality applications already started being used in today’s business world! Therefore, its crucial to consider such technology in your company’s business plan.

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