Immersive technology find its way into the concerts

Augmented reality is not only applicable to sales, medicine, or video games, it is a complete technology that enhances any viewer experience. The music and art festival of the Coachella Valley, most often called Coachella, has been promoting immersive technologies for several years. Every year, this festival brings together tens of thousands of festival attendees who come to listen, admire and create. Coachella is like a testing ground for new technologies in concerts and the public’s receptivity to these technologies.

This year the festival offers an augmented reality experience on the theme of Space, under the Sahara tent. A space dedicated to augmented reality at one of the world’s largest festivals. Festival-goers evolve in the midst of space shuttles, asteroids, satellites. Funny, isn’t it? This proves once again that augmented reality is everywhere around us and is really taking its place in improving our experiences and our daily lives.

Coachella is not on her first try. Last year, rapper Eminem tried the experiment by creating an application that could be used during these concerts, allowing spectators to see different virtual elements superimposed in real time around the stage and in the audience. Why? Why? Although personally I don’t like to spend my concert with him filming the concert, many festivalgoers have this habit. This application is another way to provide an innovative and immersive experience for spectators. The application featured a giant tronemaker hitting the audience, a mask, rockets, explosions and other elements that allowed festivalgoers to project themselves into the rapper’s world.

The new surprise in terms of new technologies at the festival is the arrival of audio augmented reality, thanks to Bose. But how? The audio giant has created glasses with an audio device integrated into the branches of the bezel. The goal is not to have to choose between enjoying the environment and continuing to listen to music in everyday life. During festivals, augmented reality audio provides information about the concert, in the form of a notification. A new way to improve the spectator experience and the design is stylish. We can imagine that the next step in augmented reality is a combination of visual and auditory augmented reality, or how to transform the user experience.

A new big step, full of perspectives for the curious and fans of mixed reality.

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