InPlace WebAR – Marketing tool

We have found that very few consumers prefer to download store-specific applications to their phones, which is why we at Charpstar produce 3D models and then combines them with Apple technology to build the workflow we call InPlace WebAR. Charpstar’s InPlace consists of integrating an augmented reality product preview into our customers’ websites. With the Augmented Reality technology, customers can preview your product in their own environment by showing the virtual product in scale 1.1.

How is this possible?

We produce 3D models based on the information available on your website,such as pictures on the product and measurements and the dimensions of the product that is going to be created, the more information we get, the more real the object will appear. No need for 3D Scanning or taking new photos of  your products, our artists have over 15 years experience in the field of making products from these parameters.

What does the InPlace offer?

By bringing a product to life, Charpstar’s InPlace WebAR brings more reliable information to users and supports them in their choices, giving them confidence in the company and making them more likely to return. By giving power and autonomy to users, your website is no longer just a sales channel but becomes a real tool, an aid for the consumers to buy intelligently, thus reducing the number of returns.

If you agree with our perception, do not hesitate to contact us, we will discuss the best solution we can provide you.