Machine Learning Development

We are experts in AI and Machine learning and can help with development and design all the way to deploying your Machine Learning application. 
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AR and VR with Machine Learning?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as separate technologies are already very powerful but it is not until the synergy of other technologies such as Machine Learning and AI that we will see the most groundbreaking changes to our surroundings. We are firm believers that the merge of the three will make our world a better place to live in.

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Things we can do for you

Image Analysis

Extraction of meaningful data from Images and Videos. Classify images on what’s detected. Identify objects and faces in images.

Chatbots for Apps and Websites

Chatbot for your organisation’s website that can be made to answer common customer questions, complete simple tasks and recommend products.

Extract information

Gather valuable data from large quantities of information without the need for man power. Natural Language processing helps with easy extraction of data from image, text or sound files.


Using algorithms and patterns from previously collected data, it is now possible to predict what future results will be. Use the data available with you now to plan for the future.

Machine Learning with AR

Analyze data coming in from augmented reality applications to better help with the AR experience. Accurately classify or modify objects and face track employees in your organisation with AR!

Anything and everything

If you have the data, we can find a Machine learning use case for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have your own ideas on how Machine learning can help you. We’ll be happy offer you suggestions and inputs

Got any ideas? We’ll be happy to turn your vision into reality