Our team is growing! Read more about Rawan the newest member.

Here is an interview with the latest addition to Charpstar’s team, Rawan – Online Growth intern, sharing her thoughts and prospects about the industry, job and career goals.

Q: Tell us more about yourself?

I’m a creative Marketer, bilingual and bicultural. I have previously worked in international organizations and recently moved to Sweden. Additionally, I’m an advocate of sustainable development goals.

Q: Why Charpstar?

As a user I have used Augmented Reality only through social media platforms like Snapchat. However, I was not aware of the great benefits it brings to my own shopping experience. After being introduced to Charpstar and knowing about the solutions it provides, I was very interested to start my internship there and learn more about this growing service industry.

Q: What are your responsibilities in this position?

I’m responsible for managing the social media accounts and writing the blog in the website.

Q: What are your career goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

My goal is to benefit and learn as much as I can through interacting with the team in Charpstar, as I have acknowledged the great business environment and the ease of communication since the first day. My plan for achieving my goals is to be a team player, stay updates about the trends of Augmented Reality and to be consistent in achieving my tasks.

Q: Do you think that AR/VR/AI can change today’s business world?

Oh yes, definitely! In this digital world that we live in, customers have more purchasing power than ever before, I believe companies in different industries are looking for more communication and interactions with the customers. In my opinion the era of digital brochures and show rooms is diminishing, people are expecting more engagement. And what can be more efficient for a customer than becoming a part of his/her own environment.

Q: In your opinion, what is the company’s greatest asset?

I think the company’s greatest asset is the TEAM! And the work environment they have created for themselves, as well as the company’s current position in the market, being the market leader.

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