Snapchat: precursor of augmented reality

The application represented by the little ghost announced in early April 2019 that  was launching a new Snapchat feature : an augmented reality gaming platform. Snapchat has made augmented reality a real asset in the development of the application from a user, advertising or commercial point of view.

So what is the definition of Snapchat?

Snapchat is a free social application created in 2011 that allows you to exchange messages, images, videos that self-destruct after opening the content (between 1 and an infinite time, defined by the sender). This social network also allows you to share a Story (assembly of videos and photos) that can be viewed as many times as the user wants for a period of 24 hours. The majority of Snapchators are between 13 and 35 years old and are women. Snapchat has 188 million active users daily and more than 3 billion Snaps are sent every day.

How did Snapchat integrate AR?

Snapchat has evolved very quickly due to its attractiveness and the use of augmented reality. At launch the phantom application was a messaging system, then the stories, the color filters appeared. Then, Snapchat launched the augmented reality filters superimposing elements on the user’s face in real time, we still remember the dog filter that all teenagers shared. The application has allowed the democratization of this technology to a very large audience, by offering an immersive, fun and instantaneous experience to users.

Why  did Snapchat integrate AR ?

Snapchat is a free application for users, it is financed mainly by advertisers. Advertisers can appear in several ways. Or in the “Story” section, which is a real place to share content in all its forms: press, advertising, events, influencers. In sponsored filters, more and more companies and brands are creating their own filters, especially in augmented reality, which is a real marketing tool for teenagers and young adults.

The staging of the product allows the user to play the role of an actor and not just a spectator. The experience has become an integral part of marketing, augmented reality offers the user a unique, fun and entertaining experience, so that they can share with their friends and gain visibility.

So what is the feature of the AR ?

The launch of the camera glasses called Snapchat Spectacle presents real opportunities for the development of augmented reality. Imagine walking down the street with these glasses. You could visualize in augmented reality old buildings, products, plans, and many things you can’t imagine. An opportunity to travel differently, to live differently. Snapchat has announced that the application will soon host augmented reality games, here is yet another way to use AR to improve the use of a service or product, share brand content and stimulate engagement. In 8 years, Snapchat has gone from a messaging application, to a social network and then a media platform delivering real content, to today’s trend to become a playground and experimentation area for augmented reality.

By showing the development potential of augmented reality, Snapchat is a precursor to democratization and the integration of augmented reality into the daily lives of users.
We are interested in your opinion, how do you see the use of augmented reality in the future years? What advances do you expect from this technology ?

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