Augmented Reality (AR) Development

Augmented Reality is the technology of overlaying 3D objects into the real world. We have worked on numerous AR applications and will be happy to help you create an AR application. 
Find out what Augmented Reality applications can do for your business 
Research has estimated that the AR revenue market value will reach $83 billion by 2020
Augmented Reality headsets will have an estimated 1 Billion users by 2020
60% to 70% of consumers see clear benefits in using AR and IoT devices in their daily life and at work

Alter your world with Augmented Reality

The purpose of AR is something that we believe is a true game changer. When we are developing applications for AR we lay great focus on inserting computer generated layers of information on to the reality. We’ve seen this technology at work in forms such as Snapchat and Pokémon Go.


Things we can do for you

AR for Model visualization

Visualize how a 3D model would appear in the real world even before production of the actual product has started.

AR for Sales

Let people visualize how your products would look like in their homes. AR can place objects with accurate dimensions helping to find out of the product will fit in the space that they have.

AR for Navigation

The time for the old Map based navigation is at an end. Add an AR Navigation view to your mobile application that will show directions super imposed onto the real world.

AR for Training

Use Augmented Reality as a training tool that can recognize your products and show your staff how to correct issues or learn about what part has what function.

AR for Advertising

Make your company logo or any commonly used information into an Augmented Reality marker that can be used to generate AR models for advertising.

AR with Machine Learning

The true potential of AR unlocks when combined with Machine Learning. With ML, your phone can learn to separate your floor from other objects and with AR, modify its design, change how your hair looks in real time. AR + ML has numerous use cases.

That’s not all. Simply put, the capabilities of Augmented Reality are too numerous to completely list. In addition, we predict that widespread usage of AR will occur once the platform for AR switches from Mobiles to AR Glasses which are currently undergoing heavy research to produce cheaper and better than the currently available versions.

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