Success Story – SoffaDirekt and InPlace by Charpstar

SoffaDirekt is a Swedish e-commerce company selling furniture and decoration. The  objective is to improve KPIs such as conversion rate and return rate. By reducing friction during online purchases through AR.

SoffaDirekt has chosen to collaborate with Charpstar for this very purpose.

We then launched augmented reality together through the AR InPlace, which is our service for Web AR.

Charpstar has therefore created 100 augmented reality products that can be accessed directly from the product page. Users have access to classic product information: dimensions, colours, materials, photos, but they can also see a 3D model of the product and place it onto their own home environment.

To study the results, we performed A/B Tests, during the launch  on SoffaDirekts website. The first test was conducted on a sample of 3195 sessions, half of which had access to augmented reality technology over a 12-day period. At the end of this first test SoffaDirekt observed a 30% increase in conversion rate. The second test was carried out on 3791 sessions over a period of 15 days and SoffaDirekt observed a 44% increase in the conversion rate.

Both of these tests proved the thesis of “do augmented reality increase sales?” with certified statistics.  

After the launch of the AR InPlace, SoffaDirekt recorded a 59% increase in mobile conversions. And a few months later, the company decided to add additional augmented reality products to their range.

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