Why should you attend to the Retail Experience Live ?

The Retail Experience Live is a retail trade fair that takes place on 15 and 16 May 2019 in Stockholm. This is your opportunity to discover and challenge your ways of thinking about retail as a business, whether as a participant, exhibitor or speaker.

Consumer behaviour has been changing very rapidly over the past 20 years. One example is the boundary between a physical store and an online store that is getting thinner and thinner. Consumers are not only looking for experience and innovation, but also for solutions that are quickly exploitable and easy to implement, which new technology is a major game changer for.  

The consumer is at the centre of attention in today’s retail environment. Faced with a growing supply, it is becoming necessary to fully understand consumer expectations and differentiate oneself from the competition. In order to do this, work throughout the customer journey is necessary, a form of teamwork where everyone wins and that is why we here the word OmniChannel being used very repetitively. We might all agree that OmniChannel is important but our approach is very different, and that is why we believe that Retail Experience Live will be an eye opener too many!

The Retail Experience Live is an opportunity to meet experts and professionals in the sector who address a multitude of issues necessary for the successful development of your company. From loyalty to innovation, you’ll hear inspiring stories and solutions to help your business grow.

By the way , you can meet us at booth G21 to understand how AR/ VR/ AI will disrupt an e-commerce business with no physical stores into showcasing virtual products in the customers home and augmenting the buying process. And also attend the “road to augmenting retail” keynote of our CEO, Emil Charpentier. He will explain how augmented reality is changing and will continue to change sales methods, by offering customers what they need to make intelligent purchases through visualisation.

Where: Theatre 3, Kistamässan, Stockholm

When: 15:00 – 15:45, 16 May 2019,

We hope to see many of you during the fair and the keynote.

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