Zoom on Arjun – Developer/Co-founder

Q: What is your role in the company ?

A: I handle all major development related activities including creating demos which was a major focus during our initial launch, quality assurance of our products before we submit to clients and most technical support, acting as a middle man between the client  and the other members of our team.

Q: Before Charpstar, what was your professional career like?

A: I’ve gone from working as a Junior Programmer in a small business in Chennai, India to freelancing while also trying out various ideas launching my own websites and other applications.

Q: How did you feel starting your own business ?

A: To me it was a gradual process as when we started, most of what I did was just normal development which I already had experience in. Eventually it fledged out to other activities.

Q: According to you what are the best Charpstar asset ?

A: We’re a small team with very fast decision making capability which lets us get in projects quickly and usually immediately decide if we don’t want to. Other than that, we’re quite proud of the interest we’ve gotten from doing free prototypes that lead to full projects. We’re also very quick at switching gears and shifting to something new if things don’t go according to plan.

Q: In your opinion how can AR/VR/AI change business and trade as we know it today ?

A: This would be a long and different answer for each of these technologies as they serve different functions that can be merged together if needed.

However, for a general answer, I foresee companies to heavily integrate AR, VR and AI into their business to enhance their offerings in the near future. This can go from something as simple as seeing an ecommerce website’s furniture on your AR Glasses (Rather than phones like today) to something crazy like being able to see fully seamless augmented reality with contact lenses (Black Mirror here we come).

Q: Could you describe the physical-digital world that you would like to live in ?

A: I could see myself in a world where reality can seamlessly blend in with virtualism and every aspect of the currently in-development technology is fully available to every person on this world, considerably increasing their quality of life. As far-fetched as this might sound right now, we are heading here. Slowly yet surely.

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