Zoom on Emil – CEO/Founder

Here is an interview with Charpstar CEO, Emil Charpentier. You will learn more about his background and ambitions.

Q: What is your role in the company ?

A: My role is being everything from administration, economy to sales. But the official title is CEO but in a small company the title is more or less useless according to me.

Q: Before Charpstar, what was your professional career like?

A: I have been in very different fields. Started out as a youngster importing Champagne, later on ended up in media sales and then later selling employer branding in the public sector. Co-founded a healthcare recruitment company from Spain to Sweden. Looking back at my career, which is not very long it has been filled with variety and experiences that made me the person who I am today.

Q: How did you feel starting your own business ?

A: This is the third business I am launching and also the one who I am most proud of. Launching your own business is always scary at first but to me it makes a lot of sense. I am not much for risk aversion and embrace risk, so then starting your own business and trying to fulfill your dream is very fittingly for a person like me.

Q: According to you what are the best Charpstar asset ?

A: I do not think people get how insanely creative this small team is, we are very fast to adapt to what the market says and react with a solution. Being in an emerging market is basically throwing a boomerang and hoping for it to come back along the flight, it does not always happen and then you have to step aside or move fast in order to catch it again. My point here is that I feel like we are very good at doing just that, moving forward.

Q: In your opinion how can AR/VR/AI change business and trade as we know it today ?

A: There are so many changes looking in different industries and verticals across the board I feel like there are two options. Either we end up in this utopian world where the new technologies enhances us and improve our everyday life or we end up in the dystopian scenario where we are totally dysfunctional and can not live without technology and get more stupid than before.

But apart from me dodging the question, I believe that we will see the biggest changes for AI we will see in Autonomous vehicles. For VR my guess would be the sex industry and AR is gonna be HUGE for the education space considering it could enhance learning in manufacturing aswell as in the school sector.  I also see great use cases ramping up in the AR for retail sector where we are very strong for the moment.

Q: Could you describe the physical-digital world that you would like to live in ?

A: Even though I am in the business of virtual and  augmented reality I would not like to live a life which is fully connected around me, sometimes I just believe there is nothing as good as real life. The perfect world for me is a world where we have clear boundaries between real life and the technology and use it where it could improve our decision making or help us whether it be in education, transportation or entertainment.

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