Zoom on Glenn – Head of ML/AI

Q: What is your role in the company ?

A: I implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for Charpstar clients!

Q: Before Charpstar, what was your professional career like?

A: Before Charpstar I was a particle physicist doing antineutrino research for U.S. intelligence agencies. I helped simulate and build the world’s smallest antineutrino detector, the miniTimeCube, and I published the world’s first ever antineutrino global map, AGM 2015, published in Nature.

Q: According to you what are the best Charpstar asset ?

A: Charpstar has a great cross-disciplinary team and a super energetic CEO, and the whole group brings a lot of possibilities to clients, especially in exploiting synergies across the various technologies we focus on, like merging AR and AI techniques to form new and exciting solutions for our clients.

Q: In your opinion how can AR/VR/AI change business and trade as we know it today ?

A: AR and AI are each exciting in their own respect, and I think that a lot of future potential lies in the merging of the two technologies. We are very early in the revolution that these two technologies will bring to the table, and things are changing so quickly in the industry that now is an amazing time to be working in this field, and also a good time to get in early in the game!

Q: Could you describe the physical-digital world that you would like to live in ?

A: I believe AI will seamlessly integrate more and more into our daily lives, and provide benefits that will make our jobs and our lives easier and more enjoyable, from autonomous driving technologies like Tesla’s autopilot, to realtime translation offered by Google today, to the discovery of physics phenomenon not yet known, such as the discovery of further exoplanets from Kepler’s sky survey. The future is limitless!

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