Here is an interview with Charpstar Account Manager and Sales Executive, Lukas Barle (24). You will learn more about his background and ambitions.

Q. What is your role in the company?

A: As Account manager at Charpstar, I am responsible for the management of sales as well as maintaining a flourishing relationship between existing clients.

Q. Before Charpstar, what was your professional career like?

A: I started my career in the retail business at an early age. Working for one of the biggest grocery companies COOP, I worked my way up to eventually become head of sales at my local store, managing suppliers and making sure we offered the best possible customer treatment.

Q. According to you what are the best Charpstar asset?

A: Our company’s biggest asset is most definitely our employees. Although we are still quite a small team, our group dynamics and well established communication is giving us the best prerequisites for success.

Q. How do you see Charpstar two years from now?

A: In two years from now, I imagine visualization through AR will be more or less the market standard when it comes to the retail business. Following the development, Charpstar aim to become the number one supplier, providing AR services for the biggest companies on the market.

Q. Sales wise, what is the biggest challenge in a start-up?

A: As our business is based on a relatively new  technology, some companies may feel sceptical of the service due to lack of knowledge. One of the biggest challenges for us is therefore to educate our clients and helping them see the potential value of AR.

Q. As a client, why would you choose to use Charpstar services?

A: For the time being, Charpstar is the market leader in Sweden in offering web AR as a SaaS-Service, I believe that the potential in reducing the threshold for companies to get into AR is a key to success for all parties.

Q. What is your main ambition in the company? 

A: To kick-start my career as a salesman and acquiring as much knowledge I possibly can, as the company grows with me.

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