Zoom on Mathilde – Digital Growth Intern

Q: What is your role in the company ?

A: As a Digital Growth Intern for the next 3 months, I am mainly in charge of managing the blog and pages on social networks.

Q: Before Charpstar, what was your professional career like?

A: I started with studies in accounting and finance, then I had internships and positions in the financial department and accounting firm. Then I reoriented myself towards digital marketing and it led me to Sweden.

Q: According to you what are the best Charpstar asset ?

A: The advantage of small teams like Charpstar is the speed of decision and initiative. Everyone is looking in the same direction, which allows us to adapt very quickly to our environment. I think the whole team is passionate about what we do, it allows us to offer customers quality services and good communication.

Q: In your opinion how can AR/VR/AI change business and trade as we know it today ?

A: These technologies are applicable to so many fields, medicine, industry, sales, tourism… I think that for the AR it can very easily develop in tourism, real estate or as Emil says in his interview with education. The next big change will, in my opinion, be with autonomous cars, which will also significantly change the notions of liability and laws. So basically, for me, AR/VR/IA can quickly become indispensable because of the contribution of new experiences and projections that will not only change trade but the whole functioning of society and daily life.

Q: Could you describe the physical-digital world that you would like to live in ?

A: I like these new technologies and I believe in their potential and usefulness, but quite honestly most people already look at the world through a phone. The ideal physical-digital world would be a tool that would improve the quality of life much like Jarvis in IronMan and reconnect people with each other and the different cultures of the world (for openness and tolerance), the utopia of a 20-year-old girl.

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