Here is an interview with Charpstar Online Growth Manager, Victor Arantes (19). You will learn more about his background and ambitions.

Q. What is your role in the company?

A: I’m the new  Online Growth Intern for the next 6 months, I am in charge of the blog and social media management.

Q. What does Charpstar represent to you?

A: It’s a pleasure to work in Charpstar, once this is a unique opportunity for me.  As I’m starting my job career, it’s essential to have a bigger view of a company and at the same time understand all the processes included, especially when it comes to a high potential startup.

Q. How is background relevant for this position? 

A: I grew up in Brazil, and moved to Sweden last year to study International Business and Politics in Stockholm University, I’m in the third semester and I hope to apply most of the things I’m learning to help the company succeed. I consider that I’ve learned a lot from different cultures, and I believe this is essential in a globalized cyberspace (internet world). 

Q: In your opinion how can AR/VR/AI change business and trade as we know it today?

A: The marketplace is changing over the years and everything is becoming digitalized, according to this, my goal is to go through a wide variety of topics in order to let every reader stay updated, and be able to minimize the risk of mistakes in our partner projects.

Q. What is your main goal in the company? 

A: My goal is to share content that will help companies and entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions and  provide helpful tips to their decision-making, especially because every company needs to be prepared for an online-dependent future. Looking forward to reach this goal I’m going to share my knowledge, learn as much as possible and think outside the box to enrich the blog and social media content.

Q. For you, what is the most important component in your position?

As I see it, it’s essential to think outside the box and be creative in this position, I know I will have to be prepared to escape from the usual and share different themes in an attractive way. It’s also important to know the market and always be updated about new technologies and trends.

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